Visual Narrative II


The story I chose to depict or attempt to depict in 5 photos is of my brother forming a snowball. Initially, I was going to use the 5 photos to show him preparing for a potential snowball fight by throwing the snowball. However, I decided to leave out the picture of the snowball being thrown to leave it up to the viewer to decide in their minds what he is doing with the snowball. Is he throwing just throwing it for fun? Is he throwing it at someone? Is he making a snowball as the start of a snowman? That said, I used what we learned about closure from last week’s reading. As for the panel-to-panel transitions, I used action-to-action progression for my transitions. I show the actions he takes in preparing to go outside followed by the actions it takes for him to make the snowball with him as the only subject featured in each shot.

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