An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

When comparing the short film version of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge to the written short story I noticed a few differences. The main difference I noticed has to do with the backstory. In the written version of the story, there was an entire section dedicated to providing background about his life/who he is, and why he is being hanged. However, in the short film version of the story, we aren’t directly told anything about him or why is about to be hanged. At the beginning of the story, we are briefly shown a poster explaining why someone would be hanged. We are then able to connect this poster to the reason he is in the situation he is in. As for his background, we are able to infer things about him from his appearance, like the fact that he is a wealthy man.

As for the film techniques that successfully translated the effects in the short story, I think that pacing was a big one. At the begging of the film when Peyton is being set up to be hanged, it is moving very slowly and we are able to feel the built-up anticipation of his hanging that he must have been feeling as well. In addition, I think that the scene where he was falling into the water was shot and edited in a way that elevated the story. Prior to that scene, we were feeling the same anticipation he was feeling and then we were able to be immersed in the scene with him by seeing what it looked like from his perspective.

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