Are Hypertext Media Stories?

I really do think that Hypertext Media are stories. Are they the normal stories that we tell by the campfire? No, they are so much different but in a great way. There are so many ways to go about writing digital narratives and so many paths to take! For example, My Boyfriend Came Back from the War is a perfect definition of using branching paths. There are so many ways of going throughout this world that Olia made! That is what makes the world feel so alive is the many different ways you can go and connect things together like string and tacks. Of course, you can also go with a more linear style of story. Take How to Rob a Bank.¬†This story is definitely a more linear one but it has the interesting narrative and the way it tells it through a smart phone is just amazing. It’s like going through the mind of the main character. It’s almost like I am supposed to be the main character in the story! Lastly, With Those We Love Alive¬†was so cool because of the imagery and choice based story telling. The text was so descriptive and it really put me in the world that the author made just through text. Also the use of choice and deciding where to go and what to do through text is something that can only be achieved on a digital format. Hypertext Media is definitely storytelling and a very unique kind at that. There are so many ideas and things you can do with it. With Digital Media, the sky is the limit.

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