Are these work’s considered stories?


The three work’s explored was:

  • My Boyfriend Came Back from the War, by Olia Lialina (1996)
  • How to Rob a Bank, by Alan Bigelow (2016)
  • With Those We Love Alive, Porpentine (2014)

Though I believe each of these works can be considered stories, though some may not be as coherent as others, I think it some way it is still “coherently told”. The best part of Hypertext is that it is sort of a role play , choose your own destiny type of literature. These stories are all told in a non linear way and in a way we may not be familiar with. They keep you engaged and is interactive because you are following in ways you choose.

The first explored was My Boyfriend Came Back from the War, by Olia Lialina. This was interactive in the sense that you click and choose which link to go which in the end determines how you read the story.

In How to Rob a Bank this story had a set of characters that you are able to interact in the form of clicking as well but was overall more linear.

With Those We Love Alive was also interactive in the sense that you get to choose the direction of the story, also making it non linear. Though this story and My Boyfriend Came back from the War seem the lease “coherent” of the three , they all are in a form coherent and interactive. Linear sequencing vs non linear doesn’t make a story less coherent in my opinion but maybe more or less intriguing. Some find excitement in vague stories with space to let the mind wonder and some prefer a very clear understanding.


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