Hpyertext and Hypermedia

I think that the three works we looked at can be considered stories, however, they don’t all align from a coherent point of view in my opinion. All three pieces tell a story in their own interactive ways. 

For me at least, I found How to Rob a Bank the most coherent, clear, and easy to follow. The way that the story was set up the characters, their development, and the plot was evident. I found the structure of this story to be linear which made it easy to comprehend. Unlike the other two stories all, you had to do as the reader was click the space bar to continue on with the story. The story was already laid out and there really is only one way to interpret the story and its outcome. 

As for My Boyfriend Came Back from the War, I found this story a little bit difficult to follow. There were a lot of options that you could click on, subsequently changing the way you read the story. I think that being able to explore a story in your own way by clicking on different text is something that keeps people engaged and interested in the story. 

Finally, for With Those We Love Alive, I think the story’s structure is very engaging. I like the way that it makes you feel like you are a part of the story. This story is very nonlinear, you are able to choose the actions you want to take and really be a part of the world and the development of the storyline

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