Blog Post: Hypertext & Hypermedia

Of the three, I enjoyed “How to Rob a Bank” and “With Those We Love Alive”. I felt that the plots were more linear and easier to pick up on than in “My Boyfriend Came Back from the War”. I appreciated the differences in each method of storytelling, particularly in “How to Rob a Bank”, in its use of images, videos, and sound to convey the story. There were so many little details to add to worldbuilding. I didn’t reach the end of “ With Those We Love Alive” but I did appreciate the freedom to customize your experience within the story, though there was only one real path to take. I was definitely engaged throughout what I got through, though I got frustrated at the pacing.  “My Boyfriend Came Back From The War” felt more scattered, and it was more difficult to pick up on the plot. I couldn’t tell who was speaking or what was going on. I believe all three are stories, though some make you work harder to understand them, demanding more of the reader’s participation, either physically or mentally.


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