Post #9: Hypertext & Hypermedia

These hyperlink story games have interesting stories, but not all three follow the same format. For example, the hyperlink game How to Rob a Bank does not have many interactions for story options, it only goes to the next part with not much to choose from. It can be boring for some people because of the lack of interaction with the story. While the hyperlink game With Those We Love Alive has a deep story that you can interact with. It has many options to explore this game’s world and have a better feeling of what is around the audience. The other one, My Boyfriend Came Back From the War, does have reactions and other options, but is not as intricate as the one made by Porpentine. The part that I enjoyed in My Boyfriend Came Back From the War: the images, because they can be a good thing to have in a story, especially for the audience so they can have an idea of what something looks like without having to add a lot of descriptions in the story. 

Is important to have a good plot to engage the audience so that they can continue clicking into the story. But there might be cases where you might not need a good plot to make the audience get interested in the story. If you can get their curiosity with a mysterious story, or even a funny one, a plot might work but it depends if the author decides to do something different.  

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