Post #10: Symbol, Index & Icon

I decided to discuss Bing Xu’s work. This is an interesting story that is being told with icons, which tells the story of someone’s day routine. This story was easy to follow, these icons are able to describe sounds, movements, emotions, thoughts, and smells. This story can be relatable to many people that have a similar daily routine. Icons do what writing can’t, they can be readable to a lot of people around the world. Writing can be expressed in one language, but if you want someone from the other side of the world to read a work, you have to translate the story into that language. But icons and signs don’t need translation, they can be easily figured out by many around the world. 

I’m sure I can implement icons and indexes in my own project, I just have to figure out where I want them to be. Just like my visual narrative work, I was able to use some icons and emotions without any text. Which worked to describe what my characters wanted to say without saying a word. I’m still debating about my final project and what I want it to be about. Symbols, indexes, and icons are an easy way to tell the audience things happening in your story without using any dialog, which can make it easier for me to express things without adding that dialog. Experimenting with these three will be my next step to see if I want to implement it to my final project.

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