Symbol, Index & Icon

After ready symbol, index, and icon and looking through the four works, I decided to discuss CityFish by J.R. Carpenter. I liked the way the author used symbols, indexes, and icons as a secondary way of telling the story. From my understanding of the reading, symbols, index, and icon, CityFish by J.R. Carpenter primarily uses indexes. Something I especially liked about this specific work and why I chose it over the others to discuss is how the indexes relate to the work so well that the indexes themselves can tell the story reasonably well if the words were taken away. The indexes used in this story kept me engaged and interested in reading the story because they helped me visualize specific components of what was happening in the story. In a way the use of the icons almost made me feel as if I was in the story by somewhat being able to see what the character was seeing. For my project, I want to utilize indexes in a similar way. I plan on using them for the most part to set the scene. I want the reader to connect with the story and feel as if they are right there with the characters. As of right now, I think I may do this primarily to set the scene. For example, using icons of trees when they arrive in a forest.

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