Story and Games

A couple video games that stand out to me in terms of storytelling are God Of War (2018) and God of War: Ragnarok. These are reboots of the beloved franchise God of War that was first release on the Playstation 2. The reboots take the story to the land of the Norse instead of Greece. Kratos, the main character used to be a God killing monster that was consumed by rage. Now that he has moves away from Greece, he has a son names Atreus that he has to raise on his own and teach him not to be like he was. This story revolves around a dad and his son and the gameplay reflects that. Atreus is a great combat companion and he can hold his own. Every main quest and side quest directly influence this main theme of Father and Son. Kratos does the main portion of the fighting but that doesn’t mean his son can’t. Atreus can support his father but stunning enemies and sometimes even defeat them. Over the game’s main storyline, both father and son trust each other more and more, directly strengthening their own powers outright. The next game Ragnarok furthers this narrative by showing Atreus’ need for independence and Krato’s journey to trust and let him go. Overall, these games have a great narrative that is compelling. It also ties in all of its content into that main central theme of father and son. This is what the future of gaming will be and it is an exciting to see where it goes!

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