Blog Post: Symbols, Index and Icons

I think that this introduction to the difference in symbol vs index vs icon is blowing my mind a little bit. I really loved The Forever Club. I think the videos recorded of the characters were an example of an index in this story, as you could see the actual person/thing being referred to. In their messages and emails, icons with their faces were shown to help the viewer/reader understand who was speaking, and symbols were used in the form of text to tell the story. The use of signs in this story helped to create the narrative of a group of friends who willingly go along with one of their antics, who regularly craves chaos in a world that is so often disappointing and boring. While the friends know that, they humor her, as it brings them entertainment as well. Through the use of signs, you learn about the characters, their backgrounds, and their relationship with each other. I loved how many different signs were used, email, text, the front page of a newspaper, flyers, memes, emojis, videos, animations, etc. There was no shortage of methods used to tell this story. It showed me that you really have the whole world at your fingertips when it comes to telling a story, it’s just a matter of using them in harmony. I think this story did that very well



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