Post #11: Story & Games

I haven’t played many video games, but I have watched other people stream their gameplays. One of those games that caught my attention was Undertale, an indie video game with an innovative story that allows the player to have choices that will impact the game’s outcome. The storytelling and the characters are memorable, especially when there are multiple endings. The story follows a human child that falls into an underground world, a place full of monsters that were sealed underground away from human society. Is the player’s choice to decide if they want to fight the monsters or become friends with them. The gameplay uses the character’s soul to fight those monsters, the player needs to avoid the enemy’s attacks and decide if they want to fight or spare them.

The interactions between the player and the characters can become either comedic or horrible, especially if the player decides to fight the monsters. There are also puzzles in the game that you need to solve to be able to get through. What amazed me about this game was that saving, loading, and resetting are both game and story mechanics. Which makes the story more interesting.

Not only is the story engaging, but it has many secrets that the player will have to figure out along the way. The character designs are unique to each character, which can be memorable to the player. The design goes well with their personalities, and even though these characters don’t have voice acting, the sounds that are used to imitate their voice is a lovely touch.

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