Final Project Description

For my Final Project, I’m going to try and create a visual audio story about my grandma’s house. She recently passed away and I wanted to honor her in one way or another. She lived in her that house for the majority of her life and my mother group up in that house. It is a really old house as it was built in the 1930’s. This make it super special and I thought it would be the perfect way to honor my grandmother. The main character of the story would be me as I am the one going through the house, but the focus of the story isn’t on me. The focus is on the house itself and how it was lived in for many decades but now is empty and lost to time. This gives me personally a melancholy feeling and I want to try and convey those emotions to the viewer. I am going to try and convey those emotions from using the house’s condition and its environment. For example, the house has very creaky floors. I want to make sure that I emphasis those floors to make the house feel old and used. As I am venturing through this house I’ll talk about certain memories in certain places, somewhat developing my character. That house if full of memories and feelings and I want to encaptures those memories and feelings within my work. That is my goal for the final project of DTC 354.

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