Story & Games

This week’s blog prompt was difficult for me to answer because I don’t play video games. Although I don’t play video games, my brother and friends love playing video games and I have spent some time watching them play in the past. Most of the games I have seen them play revolve around storytelling. The games I see them playing the most that appear to revolve around storytelling are Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. From what I know all of the Call of Duty games have storylines. As for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the game’s goals and challenges involve the player in uncovering or finding meaning in the narratives by the role/character that they are playing in the moment. In the game there are different missions that the player must complete. In the missions, the player will play different characters which pertain to the mission and what is unfolding in the narrative. Although I could be wrong because I have never played the game, I think that the narrative of the story works to immerse the player into the story world. Since the player is switching between characters as the missions are completed, it helps to carry on the narrative and immerse the player into the world by embodying/playing different characters pertinent to the current mission in the game. I think that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare works to engage the player’s emotions because the actions you make have consequences. In the game you must make quick decisions in the battlefield that will affect others, whether that be enemies, other members on your side, or innocent bystanders.

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