Final Project Plans

My project is a reimagining of a compelling narrative from my father’s experience as a young boy during the Pol Pot dictatorship in Cambodia, which I previously explored in DTC 201. The story centers around a moment when my father and country experienced extreme famine and his friend decided to risk their life to pick corn that was forbidden to them that they sowed the previous year.


In this retelling, I will use the power of visual storytelling to bring the characters and scenery to life through puppet animation in After Effects. The characters will reimagine in Mid-Journey, to bring to life the physical and emotional challenges they face in their quest for survival.


To enhance the immersive experience, I will rely solely on foley and sound effects to convey the story, without the use of words. The sound design will be crafted to evoke the harsh reality of the famine, the desperation of the characters, and the tension of their risky endeavor.


Through this project, I aim to create a visually and aurally compelling narrative that captures the essence of my father’s story and conveys the themes of resilience, survival, and the human spirit.


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  • So far I’m really liking this video. I like the use of colors in this video, how you use a very limited color palette for each shot. The dark blue gives scenes a dark and nightly atmosphere, which match the story. And flashes of yellow are great for showing the bombs dropping.

    The narrative’s structure is direct and linear, with no interactivity for the user. I am not sure if I would say that the main character undergoes a change. He seems to be very regretful at the loss of his friend, so he may have changed in the sense that he regretted going out into the field.

    – Gibson

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