Project Description

My plan for my final project is to use my hypermedia project and make it more detailed. My idea is to have illustrations for my story and maybe edit some parts that I feel might need more work. I’ll be using Twine for the final project, but if I manage to find a better way to tell my story, then I won’t use Twine. I do want to create my own illustrations using Procreate, or maybe use Shake Art Deluxe to make my illustrations look like they are animations (shaking art). 

The idea of my story is to create a story around a Homing Pigeon sending messages/letters during war time in a fantasy world. It was inspired by the pigeon stories from WWI and WWII. The pigeon (the player) can choose their path and what to do during such situations during war. 

The class modules that I will use for this project are visual narrative and hypermedia.

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