Blog Post 4/11

My project will take the form of a comic with sound effects. I’m very inspired by 4KOMA, a form of comics which has four panels that generally stack on top of each other, usually comedic in nature. I really like this format because I think it is so special to be able to set a scene, make a joke, and complete a whole story in four pictures, essentially. It includes a few different methods to tell a story- image, words, and the “gutter”. I plan to tell an episodic story of my week, in a light-hearted, funny manner.  With each day, a four panel comic. The characters will be myself, my coworkers, my friends, the little devil on my shoulder. With this story, I want to bring the viewer into my world by showing them glimpses of what makes every day a little special. Each day has its own mini plot, setting, and events. The overall theme of this work is what makes our everyday better, delivered in the 4KOMA format. Once complete, I would like to move these into a video format with sound effects for each day that will add to the storytelling.

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