April 11

My final project will be a Twine interactive story game. It is a rewrite of one of my old stories, Evesoul Journal. 

In this story you will follow a teen girl named Ellenar. The driving point of the story is the fact that her sister has been missing for a year, but her sister used to tell her about another dimension and left her journal of notes and research of this world at home before disappearing. Using this journal, Ellenar manages to enter into the mystical world, and begins her quest to find her sister. 

The story will be very word driven but will have color indications on characters and surroundings. There will be sprites of Ellenar to better indicate the mood of the character and a feeling for her as you progress through the story. There will be chances to interact with things in order to give the reader a feeling of choice as well as collection of information. There will occasionally be secret links. 

I hope this project turns out at least half as good as I would like it to, and in the future, I can use it as reference and connection should I ever have the ability to officially make Evesoul Journal into a comic or such.

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