Feb 7

I like to approach making comics from a “basic till dramatic view” where most frames can be simple rows of square frames, till something dramatic happens. The dramatic thing could be any variety as well, from an epic fight scene, to a death scene, to a surprise, anything that isn’t a “regular” situation for the comic. Like during a conversation, characters might just get sequential boxes with different camera angle views as the conversation goes on, until something “dramatic” happens, so the boxes can become bigger, misshapen, even broken sometimes depending on what is happening. One of my favorite versions of this is when a new character is introduced, they themselves can look as if they are standing in front of the panel, rather than in it. Their hair or clothes could be crossing over the frame walls of the panel, making it as if they are more important than anything else on that page. 

That is the kind of comic design I would like to go for.

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