Final Project – “Kamusta Ka, Anak?”

“Kamusta ka, Anak?” is a phrase in Tagalog translated to “How are you?”. Anak means child in Tagalog and often this term is used by many parents as an endearment towards their children.

For my final project, I wanted to utilize visual and audio to convey the story I wanted to tell. The story I tried to tell is about the main character moving to another country as a nurse while she leaves majority of her family back in the Philippines, hence the use of Tagalog. Because of the distance, the strong connection between mother and daughter begins to weaken. It’s only after a specific event that allows the main character to reconnect with relatives despite the establish connection being cut. Most of the inspiration came from watching how the loss of my grandmother affected my mom. My parents support system are in the Philippines and coming to America rendered them having no one to lean on in a physical sense. I made this video to help understand my parents struggles and how technology has been helping them remember that they still have pillar to lean on.

Translation Note: The words on screen are the translation during speaking portions while the text message portion are mixed Tagalog and English. I tried to make sure all the phrases are translated but there are words that are hard to translate directly.

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