Final Critique

I have much to work on! But, here is what I have so far. First, I’ll post the script (which I still want to change certain days with less action) and then the comic version of it I’ve done so far.


The days of my life: an episodic story


Monday- An abuse of power

1.Manager writing the schedule, speech bubble “hey are you coming to my birthday party?”

2. Me, working “oh yeah when is it?”

3. Manager, still writing the schedule: “Sunday. You better be there! It’d be a shame if I had to fire you…”

4. Me, silent, turned and staring while she keeps working on the schedule


Tuesday- Class Delinquent

  1. Me, to my friend while we work on classwork “Hey…Should we leave class?” Them: “Yes please”
  2. me : “okay 3,2,1, go!”
  3. They get caught in the chair
  4. Me laughing at them struggling


Wednesday- Lazy Day

  1. Bed head

2 coffee

  1. Bed head coffee and homework 
  2. Days over, back to bed


Thursday- the most “meh” day of the week

  1. Driving to school “its almost friday”
  2. In class “its almost friday”
  3. At work “it almost friday”
  4. Going to bed “its almost friday!!”



  1. Fridays are the best days of the week” shiny sammy
  2. Payday! Money raining down on me (devil in the corner “pay your bills”)
  3. No school or work! (devil “you still have homework”)
  4. Hanging with friends! (devil “i guess thats ok”)


Saturday- A weekly dilemma

  1. “What should i wear to work?” Holding out different hangers with clothing
  2. “I want to look like a star” marylin monroe me
  3. “This should be good!”
  4. A drag queen walks by looking way better than me



  1. Still workin on it.




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