Final Project

For this assignment, I wanted to further develop the idea I had for my video Video/Audio Anecdote. I had an idea for that project that I was unable to complete due to time restraints but I wanted to still see the idea through in another format. The story is about a father and son who go on their first father-son camping trip, but the boy gets lost during the trip. I wanted to use Twine to tell the story from the father’s perspective and the son’s perspective. In using Twine, I was able to make it so the reader could choose which version of the story they wanted to read (the father or the son), or they could even switch back and forth and get both sides while the events take place. I would have liked to come up with another way to represent the different perspectives to make it more clear in a visual aspect instead of just writing which perspective it is at the top. Additionally, I would have liked to add some sound effects so you could have truly felt like you were in the story with them. I plan on adding these aspects when over the summer when I have more time but for this project I had too much going on that I unfortunately ran out of time. Other than that I am happy with the way I was able to present the story from both perspectives.

Here is the link to my Final Project:

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