is it really The End?

Hey class (and Will)! Libby here to turn in my Final Project.

For this project I wanted to focus on my stronger skills concerning writing and narrative to develop them even further, so I expanded a bit on my original Hypermedia Narrative. I would like to add a warning because it is about grief over death, but also grief in general if those feelings are too much for some people to handle- I totally get it. My project’s two course aspects include hyperlinks/interactivity and game-like storytelling.

Whilst creating my grief projects over the semester, about my deceased cat, one of my other cats died and it added a whole new level of confusion and- dare I say it- creativity to my work (although with tears is my eyes). All in all, I adored learning about new mediums to play around with, especially Twine and hyperlinks. One of my new goals for my future in higher education is to create an even bigger Twine adventure and post it somewhere for random people to play!

I am proud of this project and hope you enjoy it. Thank you for a wonderful semester.

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