Fort Vancouver Project featured in WSUV class

For interested students at WSUV, the Digital Storytelling class in the Spring 2012 will feature the Fort Vancouver Mobile project. Co-taught by CMDC program director Dene Grigar and the Chief Ranger of the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, Greg Shine, the class is an excellent entry point for students beginning to explore digital media either through the DTC program or on their own. It provides excellent preparation for creative non-fiction writing combined with videography, and will widen students’ set of tools for storytelling in multiple platforms.

The class is open to all WSUV students, and no previous experience is necessary. However, a strong desire to explore and work in digital environments is encouraged. The class will meet both on the WSUV campus as well as at the Fort Vancouver historical site, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:25-2:40.

History Department professor Sue Peabody’s class the same semester on Tuesday evenings,  Hist 400.01: History in Media: French Colonial History through Film, Fiction and New Media, serves as a fine companion course for students interested in a deeper immersion. In addition to working as a Core 2 class, students can use their visits to Fort Vancouver and their work with the mobile project in concert with HIST 400.01. This is a one-time-only class, so take advantage of it!