Fort Vancouver Mobile Team Discusses Present, Future

The Fort Vancouver Mobile Project team met earlier today in the overflowing “skybox” office ¬†on WSUV’s campus. Brett Oppegaard led the meeting, and reviewed the projects ongoing and future projects.

The team featured people from Fort Vancouver’s staff , Videographers Forrest Burger and Troy Wayrynen, members from the Ke Kukui Fondation, content createor Brady Berkenmeier,¬†graphic designer Marsha Matta, CMDC professors John Barber and Dene Grigar, History professor Steve Fountain, web developer Joe Oppegaard, and the Director of New and Social Media for the National Park Service John Tobiason, among others.

Having garnered $83,000 thus far in grants, the project has received support from the NEH, the Clark County Historical Promotion Grant, Washington State University Vancouver, and the Creative Media and Digital Culture programs. Forthcoming blogs will detail some more of what the project has in store for the coming year!

(Special thanks to Kerri Lingo for her copious notes from the proceedings!!!)

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