Digital Storytelling Course

A course co-taught by WSUV Professor Dene Grigar and the Chief Ranger & Historian at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, Greg Shine, began this past week.

Mobile Storytelling (DTC 354) this semester will use the Women and Domestic Life at the Village phase of the FVMobile project as the working centerpiece. Students meet twice a week, with the second meeting each week typically occurring at the Fort Vancouver site. They will have the opportunity to contribute to the project as part of their work in the class, and to bring their insights and ideas into the project.

The on site work will enable the students to have a greater sense of the stories they will tell through the mobile device, and allow them the chance to test them out in the place they are designed to be used. An overnight stay at the Fort might also be in the cards, to force the students to disconnect from the technology of today and live as its original inhabitants did.