Benjamin Woodruff

A passionate Web Designer skilled in User Experience tasks like researching, planning, and testing for Websites, Apps, and VR, AR, and 3D Games.

Unfolding AR Game and Website
UX and Usability Testing

An Augmented Reality game created from scratch by the Senior Seminar class of the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program here at WSUV for The Historic Trust 🗗. The game features a historic focus that highlights the amazing growth and development of Vancouver, WA.

Oregon Wildlife Refuge
High-fidelity Website Redesign

An interactive prototype created for Oregon Wildlife Safari 🗗 with assets made in Illustrator and imported to InVision, which includes full menu, slider, and link/button functionality.

Ling's Cars Website
UX Evaluation and Redesign

A low-fidelity mock up including Information Architecture for redesigning the Ling's Cars 🗗 business website from the ground up.

Perpetual Nomads VR Game
UX Evaluation

A Virtual Reality Experience that is the latest installment of the interactive fiction series Inanimate Alice 🗗, which is geared towards a female teen audience and seeks to increase awareness of and desire for STEM-related careers.