Final Project Twine Story

Evesoul Journal is one of the stories I have been working on for a while, so I decided to try and depict it in a slightly more creative way. It is a game-like story using Twine, created with a slightly interactive experience for the beginning of Evesoul using links both hidden and visible. Evesoul’s is a story about a girl, whose sister has been missing for a year now. Following the notes in her sister’s journal, she begins her quest in a mystical world to find where her sister had gone. Besides all of the written story within this, I also drew sprites of the main character, Ellenar. So the reader can get a better feeling and connection to her, as she is the anchor for the reader to this world. This story gives you the beginning of a possible endless story, it is just the beginning, but a beginning can feel like a story itself.

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