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Coming in March!



Video Game Exhibition at Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge
March 6-28, 2015
Opening Night Reception:  Friday, March 6

A month-long exhibit that explores some of the technological innovations that have occurred in the 40-year development of video games––starting with the first commercially successful game, Pong, to the emergence of 3D game environments like Oculus Rift––and have impacted business, education, health, and communication.

Curator:  Dr. Dene Grigar
Assistant Curator:  Kate Palermini

Curatorial Committee:  Alyssa Korinke, Promotions
Amalia Vacca, Outreach
Madeleine Brookman
Alan McGinnis
Connor Goglin
Suhaily Guevara
Greg Philbrook, Tech Support

Advisory Committee:
Dene Grigar, WSUV
Mike Bomar, CREDC
Max Ault, CREDC
Eric Preisz, GarageGames
Sandra Towne, Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ)


The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program, Washington State University Vancouver, The Columbia River Economic Development Council, Innovation Partnership Zone, GarageGames



Partnership with Angst Gallery

header1Nouspace Gallery is partnering with Angst Gallery in a move that ensures an excellent location and better visibility in Downtown Vancouver as well as continued participation in activities of the Vancouver Arts District.  Nouspace will share space with Angst at its 1015 Main location, hosting five exhibits of its own and maintaining a continued presence in the gallery.  The first show, “Touch, Move, Feel,” opens with a soft opening on First Friday on December 5 and features interactive art.  The official kickoff happens on December 18 in conjunction with “A Radio Christmas Carol,” performed by the Willamette Radio Workshop at Kiggins Theatre.  Future exhibits will take place in March, June, August, and October.



Opening Week: Pathfinders, the Art of Early Digital Pioneers



Tuesday, July 9th Nouspace Gallery and Media Lounge launched its new show, “Pathfinders, the Art of Early Digital Pioneers”. This show not only highlights four artists whose works are considered to be pivotal in the development of electronic literature, but it invites guests to interact with the work on vintage Macintosh computers.


Victory Garden

Stuart Moulthrop’s Victory Garden

“Pathfinders: Documenting the Experience of Early Digital Literature,” led by Dene Grigar (Washington State University Vancouver) and Stuart Moulthrop (University of Wisconsin––Milwaukee), is a digital preservation project that captures an important moment in literary history: the development of early digital literature. As such, it aims to enrich our understanding of key texts from that moment and pioneer methods that can be used to preserve and explore other examples of participatory media. It is funded by a Digital Humanities Start Up Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

“Pathfinders: Documenting the Experience of Early Digital Literature”

Following a day filled video taping the first traversal in the eLit Lab at Washington State University Vancouver, the author of Victory Garden, Stuart Moulthroup attended the gallery opening. Wrapping up the night, Moulthrop served as the guest speaker where he delivered a presentation titled “Failure to Contain: Electronic Literature and the State of (Machine) Reading.”

A special thanks to the Columbian for reporting on the Pathfinders project.

Q&A with Stuart Moulthrop

“Failure to Contain: Electronic Literature and the State of (Machine) Reading.”

“Failure to Contain: Electronic Literature and the State of (Machine) Reading.”

Nouspace Has Launched!

Jason Edward Lewis' The Great Migration

Jason Edwards Lewis’ apps open the 1st exhibit at Nouspace on September 7th

Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge is the first art gallery specializing in interactive and multimedia art in the region and the first internet radio station in Vancouver.

Sponsored by The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver, it is located in downtown Vancouver, WA, inside North Bank Artists Gallery.  With downtown Vancouver designated in summer 2012 as a Digital Technology Zone, Nouspace provides the ideal space for exploring new forms of interactive and multimedia art and the ideas that generate from them. Along with art shows, Nouspace boasts an internet broadcast radio station––Radio Nouspace––and will also provide lectures and performances.

It opened on Friday, September 7, 2012 with a launch party and its first exhibit, entitled Touch:  The Art of the Mobile App, Featuring Works by Jason Edward Lewis.