Cloud Services

We offer cloud services for clients who need to:

Backtest or optimize computer intensive algorithms.
Have access to their setups while travelling.
See the exact model as created by the developer.
Have a backup of their system.


Scenario 1: Client has a set of strategies which trade daily using daily closing prices. At the end of the day, client logs into cloud services, and checks for possible trades for the following day. All data updates, strategy updates and testing have been done automatically. Client places trades and logs out. Time to accomplish task: less than 5 minutes.

Scenario 2: Client spends a lot of time away from the desk. Client logs in from anywhere in the world, from any computer and analyses the updates of the strategies. Client then places trades from the cloud services directly or via other means of communication.


A virtual Windows 7 machine is created on Amazon's AWS cloud services. Amibroker and any other necessary programs and files are installed and checked for proper functioning. We will maintain the system daily by ensuring that the files and databases are up-to-date.

Amazon's AWS cloud is accessed via windows desktop connection. The "instance" is scaleable in size, speed and various other resources.

Costs: $399 monthly or $4300 annual pre-pay
Costs are inclusive of any AWS fees but are exclusive of any additional software requirements.