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meticulously crafted, rigorously tested

meticulously crafted, rigorously tested

InStat Research

InStat Research helps institutional and retail clients model, develop and implement trading strategies for the financial markets. We offer consultations, software development, trade automation, customized back-testing and workflow automation. Led by Anthony Abry, a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), InStat Research uses Amibroker technical analysis software for a majority of its development.

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InStat Code Development

InStat Research begins offering its services with Evaluation by meeting with the client and defining the strategy that will be used for the client's project.

Code Development
The second step is the Code Development, which begins with the Initial Structuring of the code, then transitions into Code Evaluation, where InStat Research helps to edit and correct the code. After that, Code Testing begins. After the tests are run, the final Deliver of the code happens. Products Velos and Amibroker facilitate the process of code development. Amibroker is used for all the steps, and Velos is used during code evaluation.

Retainer Services
Buy obtaining Retainer Services, the clients get priority access that supports multiple services, automated design, custom plugins and presents a complex project development.

Learn more about the different products that InStat Research offers to facilitate your financial process.

InStat Production

By using InStat Research services, you are able to automatically update databases, strategies, create lists of trades and implement trades whether you are performing Day Trading or End of Day Trading! Our tools really make your life easier by doing all the work for you so you don't have to worry about it. We apply 20+ years of trading and strategy development expertise to assist clients in developing their own trading models, and we guide clients through all of the processes to ensure the best results. Our services include Consulting, Software Development, Cloud Services, File Integrity, and Retainer Services.

Find out more about the services that we offer and how each can benefit your strategy development.

update database, update strategy, create lists of trades, implement trades

We optimize trading strategies

We develop trading applications

We provide customized backtesting

We create automated trading strategies

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