We offer customized services addressing a variety of needs:

- Consulting for trading system development and general market analysis.

- Code development for backtesting, optimizing, and strategy implementation using mainly Amibroker software.

- Cloud services for instant and dependable access to your tools from anywhere.

Tailored Services

Customer service is one of our defining values.

We work with clients to develop the most efficient and effective service plan for their coding needs.

Our consulting and retainer services are the most comprehensive and cost effective in the industry.

Client Process


- We apply 20+ years of trading and strategy development expertise to assist clients in developing their own trading models

- Develop backtesting models for client strategies

- Bridge the gap between theoretical models and practical applications

Software Development

- Code client strategies in various languages, from AFL to C++

- Construct and model client trading strategies on the Amibroker platform

- Develop custom plug-ins for Amibroker

- Develop tools for easing workflow for strategy development and implementation

Cloud Services

- Offers 24-hour access to our cloud service for clients

- Checks weekly for data accuracy and file integrity

- Enables clients to log in to their up-to-date systems from anywhere in the world


Scenario 1: Client has a set of strategies which trade daily using daily closing prices. At the end of the day, client logs into cloud services, and checks for possible trades for the following day. All data updates, strategy updates and testing have been done automatically. Client places trades and logs out. Time to accomplish task: less than 5 minutes.

Scenario 2: Client spends a lot of time away from the desk. Client logs in from anywhere in the world, from any computer and analyses the updates of the strategies. Client then places trades from the cloud services directly or via other means of communication.

File Integrity

- Ensures your data is accurate and up-to-date with daily spot checks

- We ensure that your code has not been corrupted in any way

- Ensures your trading signals are intended as designed

Retainer Services

- Multi project and/or long term development contract

- Prioritized client relationship

- Inclusive consultation services