Exquisite Corpse

As the door opened, his worst fear stood before him.
Steve walked happily down the street.
She loved him, though.
The white roses glistened with blood as it dripped into the stream below.
He drank deeply from his glass, ruminating on the past.
I am lost and deeply afraid.
The boy lets out a frightful shriek.
Stunned, they quickly turned to find something they never expected.
They came to the crest of the hill and looked out over the landscape.
They decided to go out for some fresh mexican food.
But he bounded away into the forest before he was seen.
he climbed on his back and began to climb
They were gaining; she ran until her breath came slow and deep.
Suddenly the dog started barking.
Their cat had the face of a human man and giant strong human hands to match.
Down the bleak road a cat scurried across the path.
They stood there for a short while, letting the rain soak them.
They wandered around the marketplace in search for the perfect pear.
Where we’re going, we won’t need eyes to see.
I was completely incredulous; had that actually happened?
Watching t.v. while relaxing and having a drink.
In the corner of his eye was the reflection haunting him.
They’ve never felt sadness and emptiness like this before.
The man went into the dark room and faded away.
The screams echoed throughout the night