Week 9

For Thursday(3/7/13), reread the Tuesday’s readings and come up with two discussion questions. Make sure you print out the questions.

Read and respond on Twitter to your classmate’s “Contextualizing Scholarship Activity” you are assigned. Compare his or her findings to yours. What did he or she identify as an affordance that you did not mention in your paper? What points did he or she make about the work that you may not have caught? Write and post three tweets that encapsulate your thoughts. (due thursday)

Looking over your Facebook page or Twitter site, or those of a friend or family member (if you do not have access to your own sites), discuss the ideas Coleman and Shirky talk about in their works. In particular, focus on how they both argue that “media use changes the user” (Coleman). (250 words; cite from the readings; due by the beginning of the next class.)