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Stansberry’s Gamer Manifesto

Before I begin my manifesto, let it be known that I myself am not a “gamer”. Also, while I’ve played video games myself I do not necessarily like seeing friends or family spend hours on end gaming. I’ve watched my brother become addicted to video games and be adversely effected in most ways possible. That being said, I understand why some choose to live more time in a virtual world and here is my manifesto for them:

Mentioning that you’re a “gamer” almost can instantly bring negative thoughts to many that choose not to coexist in the real and virtual gaming world.
First thoughts are always stereotypical- Overweight, socially awkward, junk food eating middle aged boy still living with his parents.
But… “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes”.
Gamers are often bored with the real life environment. Everyday challenges bore them because anyone can accomplish them, and many already have. How many have single-handedly accomplished a life/world saving mission?
Everyone likes purpose.
Gamers are just like everyone else, they’ve just found purpose in a virtual world, one greater than that given to them in real life.
Maybe the problem isn’t gamers;
The problem is the low expectations we’ve set for every kid born on earth.
We need to take a hold of our youth, examine their strengths and motivate them to exploit their God given talents.
Our potential is untapped as a society, which is proven by gamer culture.
Gamers seek duty, lets put our trust in them.

Me Manifesto (Blog 10)


Within the Hacker manifesto, the freedom and power seemed that hackers are being held back by others around them. To a hacker, it appears that they actually do have a lot of power and a good amount of freedom as well, “a door opened to a world…” (Mentor Paragraph 6). Whereas in the Cyborg Manifesto, it seemed that femine roles within games and in other areas are stereotyped majorly. That women don’t have that much freedom or power because of the stereotypes by males.

Gamer Manifesto:
You may call me a cheat or a hacker.

However I am not either.

I am the best there is and I set out to be the best in every game I play.

Whether its racing, football, or Call of Duty, I strive to be the best there is. Shall I fail then I get back up and go harder and faster than before.

I will not be put down and out, I will come back and beat who ever has beaten me ten fold.

I know everything there is within the game I play, so much that I am made out to be a cheater, yet I do not use any cheats.

If you question me thats fine, but I will still win whether you like it or not.

I am an ultimate gamer, set out to be the best there is, striving to know everything about a game.

Love me or hate me that is fine. But this is my manifesto as a gamer.

Best there is and best there ever will be.

Manifestos and Gaming


Being absorbed into that screen. Now it’s a world.

They say it’s a box. Keep playing and we’ll live in a box.

But it’s a castle. We’re living in a castle.

They say it’ll rot our brains. Fry our brains.

Nope, that’s just the zombies. We found an excellent way to survive the apocalypse. Surround the house will treadmills. That will keep them occupied.

They say it doesn’t solve anything. It’s a waste of time.

But we’ve solved difficult puzzles and got through the dungeons. It inspired us to think of real life puzzles. We have the ability to build a city out of legos and a theme park of origami.

We play games. We’re gamers as you might say.

Games aren’t limited to the virtual world though. Everyone plays games. That’s how we learn in a fun way to figure out life’s problems. We play soccer, stratego, egyptian ratscrew, mario kart, and D&D. Gamers can solve real life issues if they use the things they learned from gaming. Those “break from reality worlds” are filled with imagination and something exciting happening. If we make games out of things, people will be more interested in working with them(Gamer video). It will help them think more logically to tackle a real life situation. They just need to be willing to step out of x-reality.

In the hacker manifesto, it explains that hackers are curious and need to figure out how things work. They have this freedom and power in that you can’t stop all of them in what they do. Hacking is what gives their life meaning. Games for gamers is what gives them life meaning.

One Code To Rule Them All

In Donna Haraway’s Manifesto is written through the female lens. She is seeing and grounding her ideas and conceptions from a woman’s view and how ‘cyborgs’ would be androgynous and creating any kind of “positronic brain” on gender would be obsolete. Her view on this is counter intuitive to her message in wanting women to be free of the typical female stereo type actually shines a spot light on it.

Whereas the Hacker Manifesto does not use any gender identifying terms and only identifies the hackers in question as being as young as a pre-teen as we see the hacker being referred to as “Damn kid…”. The only time gender is portrayed is when you follow the link “hacker” it has a picture of a young woman in an overcoat that looks like she does not care what you may think of her and her actions. True to form the manifesto continues in being gender neutral while describing what a hacker is and what they represent.

When people read something like the Hacker’s Manifesto most automatically picture the stereotypical image of either an awkward pimply teenager or a grown man that has not come out of his parent’s basement in three years, but the picture breaks from that image with the picture of the girl giving women credibility in the hacking world.
We are in a “Great Digital Saltation” as the whole world is experiencing and contributing to the instantaneous transitions and creation of new technology.

Audra Mann | @WSUVcollegeMom

blog 10-sm

Both the hacker manifesto and the cyborg manifesto argue that they are not all alike. By “they” I mean woman and teenagers. Both Donna and the mentor believe that people stereotype too much. The mentor believes that adults think all the kids are the same “Damn kid. Probably copied it. They’re all alike… Damn kid. All he does is play games. They’re all alike.” Donna suggests that women are not all alike but are equal to men. “There is not even such a state as ‘being’ female, itself a highly complex category constructed in contested sexual scientific discourses and other social practices.” (pg.7)  My manifesto is the freedom of online information. Today in society we use a lot of online information that we don’t even know when to stop. In my point of view we are over using it and taking advantage of it. There is so much information we can get off the internet today and anyone can put it online, sometimes we don’t even know if the information is true. One example of this is the state farm commercial when she believes everything that’s in the internet and according to her she goes on a date with a French model which by his physical looks it’s clear that he is not.  The freedom of online information should be thought as a privilege and not as a right. We should limit ourselves with the kind of information we can find online. We can literally find any kind of information online and can access most of it for free but how can we make sure if it’s accurate.

Online Racial Stereotyping


Another news story about racial profiling was on the news. Another article written about the racial stereotyping online. The African Americans are the ones stealing and robbing places, the Latinos are the ones dealing drugs, and they are both killing people.

They’re all alike (The Mentor).

“I do not know of any other time in history when there was greater need for political unity to confront effectively the dominations of ‘race’, ‘gender’, ‘sexuality’, and ‘class’.” (Haraway Pg.7).

Video games are a big cause of this racial stereotyping.

Young boys and sometimes girls are the ones to play these games.

“Approximately 80% of video game programmers are white, about 4% of designers are Latino, and less than 3% are Black” (Jones).

Clearly white people’s perspective on other races is not as subtle as they think.

We need to be the ones to help change the racism.

Change the perspective that all of the white people are “all alike.”

Our generation may not be like the older generations, but we have the ability to change how people treat others. There is a “need for unity” (Haraway Pg.5) to bring all races together to prove that the stereotypes are not always true.

Yes, there are times when the stereotypes are true and that could be due to the online information that is presented to children and young adults but it is up to us to be the change!

It’s pathetic how parents let their children grow into racist adults.

We can stop this racism, be heroes, and change lives.

One step at a time.

Blog Post 10: Gamer Manifesto


We are gamers.

Stuck between the physical and the non-physical… The virtual perhaps? But otherwise, we ourselves are fractured. What is fractured? Our identities. What IS a gamer? (Haraway 5).

We are not like the “gamer girls” who call themselves gamers just because they played some retro game.

They’re all alike (Mentor).

We are the kids that sit on a computer and control it.

Regardless of whether or not we make a mistake, we’re on it.

We’re are the damned kids that all we do is play games (Mentor Par 10).

We aren’t your average people..


We can be super heroes.

We can be villains.

We don’t even need Gods…

Because we can be our own Gods.

There is no end to our potential and there is no stopping the inevitable.

People do not see who we truly are.

We don’t even see who we truly are.

Now that’s definitely a problem. Our identities are so fractured that we fail to apply our knowledge of the virtual to reality.

We are so engrossed in our own wants, our own games that we feel that we can stay there because it’s easy.

Life is too hard.

This is why we fail. We are too engrossed in our easy games. We have the potential to create a better world, not just because we play some petty games but we’ve become optimistic. We welcome challenges and aim to beat them. (McGonigal, TED Talks).

Pathetic almost, how we fail to step out of our own X-realities and step back into reality.

True reality.

You may not like us, but we are the future.

Only we can change the future of society.

Step out of your x-reality and come back to the real world.

They need you.