Blog Post 2 – Aleks

In the matrix scene, the binary flowing numbers are the language that a computer speaks. These numbers are the commands that make a computer do whatever it is told to do. In chapter 1 of the “Computing Pages” by Francesc Hervada-sala, the simplicity section talks about how things (including computers) are getting more complicated instead of getting simplified. The matrix numbers raises this point, proving that these machines are indeed getting more complicated. Yet its also notable to point out that as they get more complicated, they are also able to do more things. The Hervada article also mentions that access to ideas should be generalized. Meaning that there should be a greater ability to access any information that you might need. In the matrix scene, you can see that the numbers are starting to form shapes in the background. Besides the obvious fact that a computer can compute, this shows that these machines will one day be able to generate any kind of information needed, from numerical to visual or any other. Hypothetically, this image also shows the connection people have with computers and information. The matrix image depicts people in the background, which are made of binary code. It has been thought that the entire world as we know it exists in a binary physical manifestation. Humans and computing have a tight knit relationship, as we use them nowadays like they are our most important tools. Perhaps even reality itself is a binary code playing back before our eyes as physical manifestation.

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