Humans, Technology, & Matrix

The image from the film, the Matrix, and the video clip we have watched relevantly relates to humans based on who invented it and who or what can access it. The movements that happen in the video of there creating of the raining code, the size, shape, and form are all created by humans. Technology was made, by theory, to simplify complications for humans, like ourselves. According to the article, “As We May Think,” Vannevar Bush explains that, “If scientific reasoning were limited to the logical processes of arithmetic, we should not get far in our understanding of the physical world,” (Bush 42). This visually represents what humans seek to find in technologies like computers, an infinite ‘fountain’ of knowledge. We may find ourselves thinking about something and wondering why characters on screen move the way they do and so on. If we actually think about it, if humans can do it, the numbers and other figures of computer science can be used to create the characterized figure just like the one in the Matrix. Without humans, inventions wouldn’t be made. The matrix was made by human ability and of course, computers. The numbers used is relevantly used to create movement, and do things that cause humans on screen to look alive. Many of us look at technology differently and we all have our sources to how it relates to humans. The fact being that humans are creating it all makes me realize how much it takes for a human to consume all the computer science information possible to do these things.

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