Stansberry: Authoring Project

Super Mario: Now & Then


1. To produce my compilation remix I used several programs and websites. I collected videos from by searching gameplay clips for each versions of Super Mario Bros., then extracted and downloaded them using and lastly compiled and edited the clips myself in Windows Live Movie Maker. I took bits and pieces from the compilation of videos with the audio and formed my own work. Then I exported the movie from a .wlmp file to a .wmv so I could publish it on Youtube.
2. In this video my main goal was to highlight the similarities and differences and how Super Mario Bros has been remediated over the last 30 years. For each version I tried to show the start menu, small clips of game-play, and the finish of a level. It’s interesting to see how the producers use much of the same ideas and work from the originals but tweak them and enhance them in every new game.
3. In the production of this piece I mainly learned how to work around Windows Movie Maker. I was able to play around with some of the capabilities such as animation effects in how new clips come in or fade away, adjusting color and saturation, and reworking audio to match video clips.

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