Authoring project 1


I didn’t know what to do my project on at first I just I knew I wanted to do a video. The first thing that popped into my mind was super Mario. My favorite Mario game is Mario kart so I decided to do it on Mario kart Wii and compare it to Mario kart 64. The sound and music that I chose were from Mario kart 64 and Mario kart Wii. I purposely chose these sounds and music to see if you can tell which music is from Mario kart 64 and Mario kart Wii. I also chose those specific race tracks because they are most common race tracks that we play or see specially the rainbow road. The point I was trying to get across was how much this game has changed throughout the years. I’ve played both Mario kart Wii and Mario kart 64 and I’ve seen many differences from the music to weapons, to characters, to the road tracks. That’s what I was trying to show in my video. Throughout producing my work I have learned that Mario kart has changed a lot and is that is still a popular game today and it will continue to change and kids will continue to play Mario kart.




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