Authoring Project 1

Authoring Project

I chose to do #3 of the authoring project, which was to create a video and sound remix of a game environment. The game I did this on was Madden 2013. I chose this because its constantly played at my house. Every night, it’s always a football game to end the day with. The process of making this video was really hard. I found it hard being that I had to view tutorials on how to cut video clips and crop audio. When I applied it to the video, it was confusing because I had to know when to cut the videos short or take out whole clips. The point I was trying to get across was that putting together electronically could’ve been just as hard manually. I had to record, upload, record, upload, etc. The images or the quality of the image wasn’t as HD as I wanted it and on iMovie, a program I used to put it together, was so difficult to function, being that I had one of the oldest MacBooks to use. The learning outcomes of this project was basically using ancient laptops to do modern work. It was hard for me to record on one thing & upload on another. I think it might have been easier if I used video clips online, but then again, it would’ve been hard to do so anyway. Not all websites are free where you can download mp4.

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