Mann Project 1

Project Statement

Since I do not own this game I watched about three hours of posted game play and walk through on YouTube. I watched both single player and multiple players and for what I wanted to show I went with single player. The biggest challenge for me was the recording and editing process. I eventually found a free video capture application called bandicam that would let you record up to ten minutes of video at a time. After picking the videos that I wanted I recorded about 45 minutes of game play. My next challenge was picking the parts I wanted to show that would go good with the song that I wanted to play with it. I used Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 that came with my laptop. I know it was only to be up to two minutes long but I could not bring myself to end the song before its time so I made the video the same length of the song.

The song is called Now We Are Free from The Gladiator movie soundtrack. Halo is about genetically modified soldiers that are called Spartans and because of these modifications they are unable to have regular human interactions but Master Chief develops a connection with his AI and becomes a love story. Since this song represents the lost love of Maximus and his journey to join them in the afterlife it felt like it was fitting to represent their relationship. A verse translated states:

Even alone/afraid
Under my face I will be waiting
Run with me now soldier of Rome

Master Chief is running to not only save himself but also his love, Cortana his Ai

I really enjoyed making this and when it started to come together I started to get excited and did not want to stop until I was done. I have never done anything like this before so this was all done by trial and error.

My video

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