Coleman says that “…media use changes the user. With each shift in automation, simulation, and transmission, we discover not only new technologies but also new facets of ourselves” (140). In the example of Facebook, we discover that people act differently on Facebook than they do in person. For example, a person can be a comic on Facebook when in real life the person is very shy. We discover that people have many faces using Facebook. If there was no Facebook, we wouldn’t know that that person could be capable of being a comic. I find this with everyone, including me. Its as though we have a virtual representation of ourselves online. The virtual me is always better than the real me. On Facebook, you can be anyone. You can post pictures of all the fancy places that you’ve been at. For all we know, those pictures were photoshopped. Coleman refers to this as an “online identity” (135). Coleman goes on to talk about the theory of an agency. It is the idea that we understand that we ourselves are actors in our own environments. The problem with being an actor on Facebook is that we do not continue developing those much needed social skills to interact with other individuals. Its easy to message someone on Facebook, I know. Coleman said that media changes the user. Its necessarily not a bad thing. Its just something to consider while being on Facebook.

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