Online Racial Stereotyping


Another news story about racial profiling was on the news. Another article written about the racial stereotyping online. The African Americans are the ones stealing and robbing places, the Latinos are the ones dealing drugs, and they are both killing people.

They’re all alike (The Mentor).

“I do not know of any other time in history when there was greater need for political unity to confront effectively the dominations of ‘race’, ‘gender’, ‘sexuality’, and ‘class’.” (Haraway Pg.7).

Video games are a big cause of this racial stereotyping.

Young boys and sometimes girls are the ones to play these games.

“Approximately 80% of video game programmers are white, about 4% of designers are Latino, and less than 3% are Black” (Jones).

Clearly white people’s perspective on other races is not as subtle as they think.

We need to be the ones to help change the racism.

Change the perspective that all of the white people are “all alike.”

Our generation may not be like the older generations, but we have the ability to change how people treat others. There is a “need for unity” (Haraway Pg.5) to bring all races together to prove that the stereotypes are not always true.

Yes, there are times when the stereotypes are true and that could be due to the online information that is presented to children and young adults but it is up to us to be the change!

It’s pathetic how parents let their children grow into racist adults.

We can stop this racism, be heroes, and change lives.

One step at a time.

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