Me Manifesto (Blog 10)


Within the Hacker manifesto, the freedom and power seemed that hackers are being held back by others around them. To a hacker, it appears that they actually do have a lot of power and a good amount of freedom as well, “a door opened to a world…” (Mentor Paragraph 6). Whereas in the Cyborg Manifesto, it seemed that femine roles within games and in other areas are stereotyped majorly. That women don’t have that much freedom or power because of the stereotypes by males.

Gamer Manifesto:
You may call me a cheat or a hacker.

However I am not either.

I am the best there is and I set out to be the best in every game I play.

Whether its racing, football, or Call of Duty, I strive to be the best there is. Shall I fail then I get back up and go harder and faster than before.

I will not be put down and out, I will come back and beat who ever has beaten me ten fold.

I know everything there is within the game I play, so much that I am made out to be a cheater, yet I do not use any cheats.

If you question me thats fine, but I will still win whether you like it or not.

I am an ultimate gamer, set out to be the best there is, striving to know everything about a game.

Love me or hate me that is fine. But this is my manifesto as a gamer.

Best there is and best there ever will be.

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