Stansberry’s Gamer Manifesto

Before I begin my manifesto, let it be known that I myself am not a “gamer”. Also, while I’ve played video games myself I do not necessarily like seeing friends or family spend hours on end gaming. I’ve watched my brother become addicted to video games and be adversely effected in most ways possible. That being said, I understand why some choose to live more time in a virtual world and here is my manifesto for them:

Mentioning that you’re a “gamer” almost can instantly bring negative thoughts to many that choose not to coexist in the real and virtual gaming world.
First thoughts are always stereotypical- Overweight, socially awkward, junk food eating middle aged boy still living with his parents.
But… “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes”.
Gamers are often bored with the real life environment. Everyday challenges bore them because anyone can accomplish them, and many already have. How many have single-handedly accomplished a life/world saving mission?
Everyone likes purpose.
Gamers are just like everyone else, they’ve just found purpose in a virtual world, one greater than that given to them in real life.
Maybe the problem isn’t gamers;
The problem is the low expectations we’ve set for every kid born on earth.
We need to take a hold of our youth, examine their strengths and motivate them to exploit their God given talents.
Our potential is untapped as a society, which is proven by gamer culture.
Gamers seek duty, lets put our trust in them.

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