Social Media Environment


Social media environment has completely changed the society nowadays. For the last years, it has gradually become the public place where people can actually seek for new friends or update their friends’ status. By creating numerous social network websites, the social media has pulled people closer to each other by sharing their online story and status.  That way, the media environment has connected people and helped people understanding more about the others, “Social network gives us unprecedented power share our stories with more people than we ever imagined” (Zandt 159).  Besides, the social media has create the credibility among people by their day by day personal stories and people can absolutely feel same way with these status, “You build trust with other people in your network, and from there you build empathy” (Zandt 159). Facebook and MySpace are two great examples for the social environment; whenever we caught some bad or good stories, we definitely acknowledged what going on what these people and we normally commented and liked on their status to show our empathy. Additionally, there are two types of people who connected to the social media environment; there are strong ties and week ties groups (Zandt 165). Obviously, the strong ties group refers to regular participators for the social websites. They are normally your friends, your family members and your colleague. Oppositely, the weak ties group refers to seldom connectors, who are not interested in these websites. They connect to social network when they have a lot of spare times and they don’t really get addicted like the strong ties group. By connecting to the social media environment, there were a lot of visual positive outcomes that has changed the society in the better ways.

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