A Day without Technology


“More than half of American households now use the Internet, and two-third own home computers” (Karen and Caroline 201). Before I started this “Non-Tech” day experiment, I thought this was going to be hard because I use to open my laptop every time as my favorite activity.  When I wake up, checking my email on my laptop or my phone is my normal habit; however, for that day, I just went straight to the kitchen to make delicious breakfast for myself. At this point, I had lots of thoughts about what activities was going to be next. Unfortunately, I did not check all the places that I could go on the previous day so I decided to clean the base on my thoughts. For me, it’s kind of bored little bit to go through this experiment because playing game, listening to music, watching video and chatting with my friends seemed to be funnier. However, this experiment showed me how to use limited time for productive activities such as cleaning my room, washing my car, going to the gym and hanging out with my roommates. That way, I think that technology is just tool to make our life more colorful, we do not have to rely too much on it and people definitely can live without it. For this “Non-Tech” day, I believe that people should limit their technology consuming time and get more time to socialize with others. Besides, it helped me to realize how much I use technology every single day and acknowledge how to use my time in beneficial ways.

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