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Dies the Fire Survivor

When asked to go 24 hours without technology I had visions of total society breakdown, having to learn how to use a sword and being hurled into the dark ages. Since I said I would try, I bravely plowed ahead and christened Saturday “Unplugged” day.

When explaining this task to my husband he looked at me with doubt and said “Huh… well that’s not gonna happen.”

I promptly stated “pppssff… what’s the big deal, I can be off the grid for a day.”

Determined to do be successful despite my naysayer, I packed up my laptop and Nexus and gave my phone to my husband. What little did I know the chaos that would ensue in the next few hours.

At first it wasn’t bad, as I managed to get things done around the house. To the chagrin of my dog he got a bath, haircut and nails clipped. I vanquished the monster of unfolded laundry and took the kids to McDonald’s to play. After my return from the sixth level of hell I was worse than a crack addict needing their next fix.

To my rescue was a friend showing up to hang out and because I couldn’t do anything with technology we decided to check out the new liquor store that opened up in town. An hour and sixty dollars later we were back at my house doing tequila shots. This is where total anarchy broke out.

At midnight my husband gave me my phone in hopes of getting some peace and as some of you may know, I play a game called Ingress so my first order of business was checking out what was happening around town. To my surprise there were 15 portals unclaimed in downtown Vancouver and I was determined to claim them all.

After bribing my sister-in-law to drive me, I ended up running down Main Street with a kid’s hot pink umbrella, wearing my pajamas, in rain boots yelling at the bums that I had no money while I snagged eleven portals at 1 am.

Audra Mann | @WSUVcollegeMom