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Blog 12: No internet!


Although I found going one day without using the internet quite easy, I don’t think I could go without it too much longer. There are definitely some things I could go longer without using the internet for than others. Facebook is something I could go longer than a day without using. Although Facebook keeps me connected to my friends quickly and efficiently, there is nothing on Facebook that requires attention 24/7. Youtube is another site that I could give up for awhile. It is one of my favorite sites, but it’s only for entertainment. One problem I would eventually have if I gave up internet access is accessing homework for my college classes. In today’s world, I internet access has become a necessity for most people. It’s how we apply for jobs. It’s how we find housing. It’s how we book vacations! Communication is also a critical part of the internet. Without internet, most of these tasks would have to be completed through the use of a telephone or by mail. While these solutions aren’t difficult or inefficient, they are becoming more obsolete as time goes by. Having no access to internet would be labeled as a “first world problem.” We as a Americans that thrive in an industrialized nation would probably fall off the deep end if the internet was cut off for good, but developing nations that don’t have internet access wouldn’t be affected at all. I think it would be interesting how America would react if there was no internet access for one day.