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Blog 11: Social Media


The creation of social media is truly a remarkable thing. Never before have people around the world been able to connect to one another so quickly and efficiently. The creation of social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, myspace, and various blogging sites (such as this one) have done so much more than just allow people to socialize online. “Social Networking gives us unprecedented power to share our stories with more people than we ever imagined.” (Zandt pg. 159). Through these social networking sites, people around the world can let others into their minds. People have the opportunity to let it all out there. These social networking sites are essentially public diaries. We live in a world that is full of social issues that need attention. These issues can be greatly publicized through social media. Along with the social issues come mass amounts of public opinions on the issues. This is where people truly get to know what type of person you are. Although putting your opinions out there for the world to see may spark a lot of debate (a lot of times negative), it can also do a lot of good for society. By bringing social issues to the public eye, we as a whole can produce ideas that can help resolve these issues. The potential for this to occur happens through social media. Facebook and blogging sites connect you with people that share your common interests and opinions. It is said that great minds think alike but they can also change the world.